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At Bark N’ Scratch Outpost, we refuse to sacrifice standards of quality when it comes to pet food, treats, chews, supplements, and other supplies. Each product brought into the store is under the extreme scrutiny of our staff. Finding the right ingredients is just the start… None of the foods in store contain corn, wheat, or soy, which are the main allergens for dogs and cats. You will also find we do not carry stores with by-product meals or other rendered meals made from indistinguishable meats and other body parts. Harsh preservatives and chemicals, including artificial coloring, will also not be found on your pet’s food ingredient label. Quality control is also important to us here at the store. We are constantly up-to-date about how each company is manufacturing your pets’ foods, treats, and other supplies. When you ring out with the cashiers, they will take your name and telephone number in order to track what you are purchasing in case of any recall.

If there are any recalls, we contact customers individually who have bought the product. We also take great lengths to understand the recall, take the food off the shelves, and follow a strict protocol so that no animals are sickened. We also take where a product is made very seriously. In our store, you will not find the jerky treats or chews that are made in China. Unfortunately, there is too big of a risk to carry material that might be tainted due to lack of quality control, and we refuse to take that chance with our customers’ pets. If you want a product in-store but are unsure of if we would carry it, please bring packaging to the store for one of our sales associates to analyze the ingredients and possibly contact the company. If it contains any of the above ingredients, we will not stock the product in store. However, if you need a special order of a product we usually do not carry, please speak to one of our associates. We will research whether we can order that product, and get it on our next delivery! At Bark N’ Scratch Outpost, we think outside the bag to find the absolute best foods for your pet to thrive, not just survive!



Animal Communication with Stacy Krafczyk

Have you ever known when your animal companion was happy, sad, or afraid? Ever wondered how your dog knew you were going to take him for a walk before you even picked up the leash or said a word? How does your cat know when it’s time to go to the vet and hides? Or even when our pets seem to just know that we are sad or upset and come close in an effort to comfort us? The feeling we get from them is more than just the obvious physical cues. Click here to visit Stacy’s website to learn more.

Diamondz Pet Spa

From a simple wash to full service grooming, Diamondz Pet Spa has it all. With 10 years of happy customers you can rest assured your pet is in good hands with Cristy. Visit their site for more information.

Dr. Alli Troutman Integrative Veterinary Service

Dr. Alli Troutman offers a dedicated and compassionate full-service veterinary hospital, providing care to dogs and cats in the Brookfield and greater Milwaukee areas. They offer a unique and practical approach to veterinary care with an emphasis on preventative care (which leads to fewer vet visits!), low-stress veterinary visits, traditional and holistic options, and high quality nutrition. They also offer a wide variety of surgical services and in-house diagnostic testing. Click here to visit their website for more information.

Canine Cupids

Canine Cupids is a local rescue devoted to finding you the most compatible match in a dog possible in order to find the best forever homes for the adopter and for the pets! They believe every dog is an individual with a personality and traits that cannot always be attributed to the reputation of a certain breed. They do events based on breed awareness and education, and more. Check out their events page, their adoptables, and the good they do for all these pets! Maybe they can be your Cupid?

Brew City Bully Club

The Brew City Bully Club focuses on prevention, education, low cost spay & neutering, programs, and awareness. They focus on alleviating put bull stress at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Control Commission (MADACC) and find forever homes for the neediest of pit bulls. Visit their site to learn more about their mission.